Chair Design Workshop

Chair Design Workshop

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There are three basic ways to approach the design a chair; each one focusing on one of the significant elements of a good chair design. You can start with either the comfort, the structure, or the visual aspects. I find that starting with comfort leads more reliably to a useable chair, and often adds to the visual appeal of the chair as well, since comfortable curves tend to be ones that areinteresting visually. 

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Monday - Friday, May 8 - 12, 2017, MWF 9 AM - 2:30 PM, T Th 9 AM - 5 PM

We'll start off with an exploration of what makes a chair comfortable, building a variety of comfort prototypes and discussing ways of testing out ideas for comfort. You will then develop your own ‘comfort prototype’. From this prototype, you will develop yourchair design. In the process of working out the overall design of the chair from the comfort prototype, we will cover significantissues of structural integrity and successful visual appeal as well. 

We'll explore methods for examining and refining the evolving design. The ultimate goal of the class is for each student to put together a functioning prototype of their chair design, utilizing a number of ‘short-cut’ joinery techniques.


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