Pleasant Hill Shaker Community


In an attempt to stave off the post-French Oak Roubo Project depression, I decided to visit the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill on my way home from Georgia. The community is about half an hour southwest of Lexington Kentucky; conveniently just beyond the halfway mark on my trip back to Chicago.

What a spectacular place! I actually enjoyed the overall setting as much as the Shaker furniture on display. It was a beautiful summer day, everything was green, and the rolling hills of the surrounding area were simply beautiful.


The various buildings were very impressive, in an austere, Shaker sort of way (and then, with the Spiral Staircase, in an austere, Shaker, and really dramatic way).  It was exciting to get a close look at so much of the furniture, which I’ve mostly seen in books. There was a bed and a beautiful small chest that I may have to build (and perhaps write about). But mostly, it was fascinating to get a glimpse of how the Shakers might have been inspired by their surroundings, their community and their beliefs to create such wonderful things.

Jeff Miller