Tool List

The following make up a basic tool kit, with which you can do a tremendous amount of woodworking, and without which you will be somewhat handicapped. This is what we suggest you bring with you to our hands-on classes. We may not use everything on the list during class, but you will find everything useful if you plan to do any more woodworking.
Please note that you do not need to bring any of these tools - we have plenty of extras. And it can be helpful, especially for beginners, to see and try out these woodworking tools before rushing out and buying something that ultimately won't work well.


A set from 1/4" to 1" is ideal, although we will mostly use the 3/8" and 1" chisels. The dovetail workshop may make use of the whole set.

Hand Plane

A smooth plane (typically called a number 4) or a jack plane (number 5). Don't buy the cheapest one you can find. Please call if you have questions. Planes are not necessary for the dovetail or mortise and tenon classes.

Marking Knife or Awl

These are for laying out joints. A sharp pointed awl is my tool of choice for marking out dovetails. The marking knife is best for most other joints.

Steel Rule

12 or 24 inches long, with clear markings in 32nds. A combination square is fine, and takes care of the need for a separate square.


Look for one about 6" in size, preferably with a steel blade.

Bevel Gauge

For transferring and marking out angles. Not needed for the table or mortise and tenon workshops.

Marking Gauge

A simple yet indispensable tool. I prefer the kind with either a scribing disk or a knife over the kind with a point, although the point can be filed down to a knife edge.

Dovetail or Tenon Saw

Either a fine tooth western style saw, or a Japanese Dozuki saw. Don't buy one at your hardware store or 'big box' store. You can try some here first.


Safety Goggles or Glasses

Essential! You must have eye protection in the shop.


Dust Mask

The disposable kind with two straps is fine.

We have earplugs in the shop. If you prefer ear-muff style hearing protectors, please bring one of your own.