Shaping and Bending Curves

Shaping and Bending Curves

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Mastering curves opens up a whole new world of woodworking. You’ll feel comfortable with a wider range of projects, and the skills learned will help bring your woodworking to a new level. We'll discuss layout, cutting, smoothing, and refining curves, including three dimensional curves.  We’ll lay out different types of curves, and then cut and smooth the curves with a variety of tools and techniques, both common and rather uncommon. We’ll also cover laminating curved parts out of thin strips, discussing when this is an appropriate technique. Building forms and cauls for lamination, cutting strips, the glue-up process, and final smoothing of the results will all be included.

Classes Will Be Offered On:

Saturday, November 2, 2019, 12-5pm

For questions about the class schedule, please call or email me

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